Wanderer of Atmospheres.

I’m a performance artist and my means of expression is ambience music, the channel through which I can best convey my true self. I’m really fond of the musical performances’ potential for touching people’s feeling and stimulate the flow of thoughts, laughter and deep emotions.

In order to enrich my exhibitions, I merge with music every facet of the body language altogether with vocalization, items and actions. In every performance I deliver on stage all of me with no restrictions: my weaknesses, fears and the most fragile places of my soul. Through this unveiling of myself I try to establish a connection with people’s inner feelings, with the intent to recreate their life experiences within the performance.

For my activities I draw inspiration from the environment that surrounds me, trying to convey my ideas and feelings in an honest attempt to honour the infinite sense of joy I gain from artistic engagement. My creativity is often influenced by the external conditions and atmospheres I relate with, and by places or experiences that have touched my heart.

The structure and scenographic material of my performances is tailored on the feelings and concepts I intend to explore in the moment, so to facilitate the emergence of emotional involvement with the audience.

My artistic work is made of sense of freedom, experimentation, intense communication, honesty and passion, in a constant effort to deliver something that could go beyond music itself.